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The pioneer of video chatting is dominating the Android market

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updated on April 21, 2023


Free and easy to use
A clean messaging app without much social integration
Chat options are quite useful with media, file, contact, location sharing and poll creating
It implements interesting emojis, stickers and gifs
A great choice for business meetings and group chats


Can't really replace other messaging apps
Skype for Android
Price: $
In the era of modern communication and social media, being able to get in touch with as many people possible as quickly as possible is a must. Long ago were the days where almost everyone used the same messaging app.

Skype was the ultimate video messaging app back in the day and it was basically a synonym for video chats. So, let's see how it holds up today. The app is quite modern and it doesn't take up too much space. When you open it, you can see the three main tabs: Chats, Calls and Contacts.

That is basically all you can do with the Skype app. You can create group chats for fun or business, send all types of media and files, create polls, schedule calls, share contacts and locations.

It now even features various emojis, stickers and GIFs you can send to make your conversation more interesting. There are also other apps and engines implemented into the app, such as OneDrive for quick sharing of cloud files, TripAdvisor, TuneMoji, etc.

It's still a great choice for business meetings and chats, considering the fact that it remains strictly a messaging app without social features such as timelines, profiles, etc. You can use Skype credit to make regular phone calls. It can be purchased from within the app. The app works better than its PC counterpart and Skype is still a long way from retiring.
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